Red CHAPPANA Indian blockprint dress - sustainable collection

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Our Chappana dress is named after the Hindi translation of the word “stamping”. The blockprinting is a stamping technique in which the designs are carved into blocks of wood. The artisans then stamp the blocks of wood in paint and on the fabric. And that’s how they create the most amazing designs. 

This dress is designed by velvet river and made by talented women in India. It’s made from organic cotton, natural dying processes and is handmade with love.


This dress wil come in the sizes S/M & M/L 

Length model 168cm

length dress 145cm


The reason why it’s not just a M but an M/L is because the upper arm embroidery part is a bit tighter. The armpit/waist size is an L but the arm part an M/L. That’s why it’s important to know your upperarm circumfence.


Size S/M - armpit 100cm, waist 90cm, upper arm 32cm

Size M/L - armpit 110cm, waist 100cm, upper arm 36cm




The dress comes with a matching face mask.